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NICU Baby Mom Overwhelmed by Facebook Advice

A mom of a NICU baby was asking for advice to increase her milk on Facebook. I was tagged, but couldn’t comment. Y’all, there were so many things recommended, it would make even the least sleep deprived momma’s head spin.

She was told to drink a “sports drink and then 2 waters right after”. Too much water can deplete electrolytes and if early can contribute to supply not being abundant due to potential for congestive heart failure if fluid overload (iv’s).

Eat oatmeal. Take fenugreek, ….. did you know fenugreek has been shown to be harmful to premature infants (gut bleed) in early research?

Lots of well intended information, but not necessarily correct info. She has no way of knowing most of these recommendations given on Facebook are NOT research based and do not get to the root of the issue. ESPECIALLY, for a momma with a baby in NICU.

Think of an experienced Board Certified consultant as a winning “coach” on a winning team who wants every player to be their absolute best. A “coach” that has trained and been well educated in all the different “players” and “plays” that impact the “game” and whether the moves require offense or defense. Using this analogy you can see where a mom and baby can, despite their best efforts and those of their peers {team mates), be missing “moves” that ensure a better outcome in their own personal breastfeeding “game”.

Recently I’ve had moms with underlying medical conditions that have been doing all the “right things for weeks that my friend(s) have suggested and nothing has changed” only to find out that if the root cause(s) had been discovered, we could have optimized their breastfeeding journey. The longer the struggle the harder it is to win the journey of breastfeeding.

If you wish to ask a breastfeeding question on Facebook, check out the GCBC Facebook page and FREE Baby Cafe Sessions every week.

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