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The Stephanie Gable Honorary Grant

The Stephanie Gable Honorary Grant is designed to assist mothers who are struggling to breastfeed. The grant will cover the cost of an initial consultation and necessary follow-up visits with a lactation consultant.


Stephanie is a passionate advocate for breastfeeding. She believes that all mothers should have access to professional breastfeeding support, regardless of their ability to pay. Her philosophy was that "If a mom can't afford our services, then we simply don't charge her. I never want their needing our help to be an added burden. When we help others with no expectations, it always finds its way back around."

In her honor, I have created this grant to help make her dream a reality. We are committed to helping all mothers succeed in breastfeeding. If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to apply for this grant.

To apply, please click the button "Apply Now" and complete the short application form.

Maranda Nybo, Doula, IBCLC

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