Private Childbirth Classes

What are the benefits of private childbirth classes vs hospital childbirth classes?

The ones offered by most medical facilities usually are a basic overview of labor and birth that focus on their hospital’s birth practices. Classes taught at Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center provide specific, in-depth information about what to expect during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and beyond.

Benefits of this class:

1.  Builds your confidence

2.  You can discuss any specific fears or concerns with instructor and those in your class

3.  Your partner is included and will learn how to best support you during labor and delivery

4.  You can discuss pain relief options including massage, relaxation, and breathing techniques

5.  You receive information on natural delivery, medical practices including c-section, and how to avoid the latter.

If you are interested in learning more about natural childbirth classes offered by GCBC please contact us