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Lactation Consult


An Initial consultation may last 1-2 hours and may include many of the following:


Listening to your birth experience(s)


Obtaining your health history


Obtaining your baby's health history


Discussion of your breastfeeding goals


Develop a plan of care to assist you with those goals


Examination of your baby's mouth


Observe a feeding and feeding behaviors


Recommendations for changes in latch and/or positioning as needed


Weight checked before and after a feeding to determine the amount of milk transferred


Examination of your breasts and/or nipples prior to and after feeding when painful breastfeeding is verbalized


Referral to a primary healthcare provider as needed


A full report will be sent to your and/or your baby's healthcare provider if you were referred by same


A written plan of care will be provided with specific information to support your individual breastfeeding needs/goals


Forms and information provided to assist you in submitting a claim to your insurance provider for lactation consultation



A follow-up Lactation Consultation may take 30-60 minutes and may include many of the above or simply a weight check to compare to weight obtained at the initial consultation. Follow-up consultations are individualized according to a mother's questions/concerns and/or her baby's needs.


Many breastfeeding problems can be resolved with one visit, however, some challenges require additional fine-tuning. The need for additional follow-up care will be discussed as part of your plan of care during your consultation.

Prenatal Breastfeeding and Childbirth Classes available at Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center.
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