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Service Fees


Payment is required at time of service.  Debit/credit cards, cash, and personal checks are acceptable forms of payment. Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur an additional fee of $30. Payment plans may be discussed prior to consultation if needed. 


You will be provided the necessary forms to file a claim with your insurance company.  Coverage of lactation services vary between insurance companies and your individual insurance plan.  If your insurance policy covers the cost of our services, they will reimburse you directly.

If you are insured through: BCBS PPO, Anthem BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, United PPO (and possibly others) you may qualify to have up to 6 visits with no out of pocket cost. Visit The Lactation Network Page to enter your insurance information and find out.


Tricare now covers up to 6 consults (up to an hour each if needed)! 

The cost of formula far exceeds the cost of a lactation consult. If a baby is breastfed, medical and pharmacuetical costs are significantly lower as well.



Initial 1 Hour Breastfeeding Consultation - $115

  • Detailed medical history of mother and baby

  • Physical assessment of mother and infant as appropriate to specific feeding concerns

  • Baby is weighed before and after a full feeding to determine "how much" is being transferred between mom and baby

  • Discuss any of your questions and/or concerns

  • Form a plan of care to meet your personal breastfeeding goals

  • Referrals to the primary healthcare provider and/or additional healthcare providers as appropriate


Click here for additional consultation details



Follow-up Consultation - $60 

  • Limited medical history of mother and baby based on specific feeding concern

  • Limited physical assessment based on specific feeding concern

  • Baby weight check 

  • Form a plan of care to address the specific concern that helps you meet your personal breastfeeding goals


Private Breastfeeding Class - $60

Provides basic breastfeeding information to arm you with the skills and confidence needed beginning with your very first breastfeeding experience. Recommend planning a class between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy. You may choose to attend alone, you and your significant other, or you and several of your friends and family. You can never have too many support people. I refer to them as breastfeeding cheerleaders. 


Home Visits are available. Additional fee based on distance may be added to above fees. 


Skype Visits are available. Must be scheduled in advance. 



What does the Affordable Care Act say about breastfeeding?

Section 2713: "Coverage of Preventive Health Services" United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for breastfeeding include; pre and postnatal breastfeeding education, formal breastfeeding evaluations undertaken by trained caregivers in the hospital and out patient care settings, followed by interventions to correct problems as needed. These recommendations make this coverage mandatory for public and private insurers with no cost sharing requirements.





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