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Black Breastfeeding Week 2020

Revive. Restore. Reclaim!

It's the 8th year of Black Breastfeeding Week. This year, the theme is Revive. Restore. Reclaim! Black Breastfeeding Week was created because of a long-running racial disparity in breastfeeding rates. According to the CDC, the most recent data regarding breastfeeding initiation rates: 75% of white women versus only 58.9% of black women. The racial disparity in duration is even bigger than for the initiation. And, the fact that it has continued for so long is well worth a week to address the issue. Plus, read 5 More Reasons Black Breastfeeding Week is Needed.

Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center's Stephanie Gable, RN, IBCLC, received a testimonial from an amazing mom this week. Read M.A.'s Story below or on Testimonial Page here

M.A.'s Story

I knew once I got pregnant 4 years ago I wanted to breastfeed. Unfortunately, my baby dealt with low weight gain and I felt absolutely defeated. I was a first time mom, didn’t have prior education to breastfeeding besides what google provided, and I was overwhelmed. Luckily I had a very supportive family and most importantly a pediatrician that wanted me to breastfeed as much as I wanted to. She provided me with a referral to see Stephanie at Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center. Working with Stephanie saved my breastfeeding relationship with daughter. She is patient, attentive to small detail, and most importantly she genuinely cares. Once I stepped foot into Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center I felt a calming energy. I basically sensed HOPE. Stephanie went deep into my and baby’s history and was able to attend to my every concern and struggle. I left my consultation feeling reassured and CONFIDENT. I breastfed my first daughter up until she was 2 years old. I owe my success to Stephanie’s guidance and education. I recently gave birth to my second daughter late July. Even though I knew the breastfeeding essentials, I still reached out to Stephanie for help. Something about meeting with her would give me the reassurance and hope I wanted with this baby. I did breastfeed in the past, but I felt similar struggles with this baby that made me question whether I wanted to do this again. I met with Stephanie and it was just as enjoyable as the first time. THANK YOU, Stephanie, for being such an amazing person and giving me the confidence I felt I lacked with this journey. Any woman struggling or seeking education about breastfeeding, I recommend Stephanie at Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center.

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