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Meet Maranda Nybo

Maranda Nybo, IBCLC, Doula

Maranda is an educated, experienced birth doula (18 years), childbirth instructor (14 years), and has extensive lactation experience including International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (21 years combined). She brings a unique, natural approach to childbirth education and doula services.

Maranda is married to Dave and they have 4 sons, ages 10-22 years old. She also has a unique birthing story she loves to share especially to mothers that want to induce lactation for adopted babies which is one of her many areas of expertise.

Maranda is experienced in educating mothers/families in ALL birthing settings, including hospital and home, and her childbirth classes will reflect her knowledge. She has worked in a local hospital breastfeeding center (7 years) and currently volunteers at local non-profit Baby Cafes lending her expertise weekly.

It is with great pleasure to once again work alongside such a talented, experienced doula and lactation consultant as Maranda. Maranda joined the team of GCBC in 2021 to educate, support, and nurture families throughout the MS Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. 

For information on Childbirth Classes taught by Maranda click here

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